Let your air do the talking


Take your retail store to the next level. Experience Scentfinity’s superior scent solutions and meticulous maintenance.

A subtle yet powerful marketing strategy

The sense of smell is tied to the limbic system — the part of the brain associated with memory and emotions. This gives scent a unique power to influence us on a deeper level.

Scentfinity uses the dynamics of Aromachology to match your store with the scent that will help you get the results you want.


Strengthen your brand identity

Create a deeper connection, foster loyalty, and imprint your brand on your customers’ minds using the strongest sense — smell.

Increase perceived value

A beautifully scented space gives a high-end vibe, increasing the perceived value of your merchandise and the price customers are willing to pay for it.

Boost sales

In a world of online shopping, scent attracts customers to your store, makes them want to linger, and ultimately spend more.

Create a memorable shopping experience

A pleasant scent makes your shoppers feel relaxed, comfortable, and more confident purchasing.

Enhance employee performance

A pleasurable environment makes your staff enjoy coming to work and promotes a better mood, thereby improving productivity.

Neutralize odors

A scent treatment gives you a fresh and pleasant scent while neutralizing an odor – not just masking it.

A study by Nike found they increased intent to purchase by 84% when they introduced scent to their store.

Your scent. Our focus.

What sets Scentfinity apart is our exceptional customer care. While most scent providers focus on the initial sale, Scentfinity ensures your long-term success by monitoring your scent system usage.

  • Efficient refills and maintenance
  • Targeted scent specialists
  • Responsive and accommodating team

“Enhanced the customer experience”

“As a clothing store that focuses on providing the best customer service for our clients, we are always looking for ways to innovate. Scentfinity helped us really enhance the customer experience by providing our store with a great balanced smell for all to enjoy.”


Enjoy the sweet smell of success with Scentfinity