Crafting luxurious, personalized scent solutions since 2018

Our customer care–
a breath of fresh air

At Scentfinity, we’re laser-focused on your satisfaction. 

It all began when founder and CEO Eli Tenenbaum noticed a disheartening trend in the commercial scenting industry. Clients got locked into never-ending contracts and were left to deal with maintenance issues while the scent provider simply shipped out refill cartridges or fragrance oils. 

Eli established Scentfinity, implementing a novel approach to customer service in the industry. Scentfinity is committed to going the extra mile to fulfill your unique requirements. With flexible solutions and efficient maintenance, you can rest assured that your scent system is well-managed and always working optimally. 

Quality at every touchpoint

Scentfinity is passionate about helping you create a unique, memorable atmosphere in your space. Our cutting-edge scent systems and premium, IFRA-approved scents are used in luxury hotels, high-end banquet halls, and big-name retail stores nationwide. 

We take pride in our superior level of service and scent quality. It’s why hundreds of businesses trust us as their dependable, responsive partner for all their scenting needs.

Scentfinity is also the premier scent provider in the residential sector. We love helping our customers upgrade the ambiance in their homes with safe, compact scent solutions. Let us make your air beautiful for you!

Helping you harness the unique power of scent

Smell is the strongest of our senses and deeply affects our memory and emotions. Scentfinity is here to help you tap into opportunities and solve environmental challenges using the power of scent. Whether you’re seeking to make your space more attractive, evoke a specific feeling, influence buyer decisions, increase dwell time, or tackle an odor, Scentfinity’s outstanding scent solutions will help you do just that.

“Pleasant to deal with, highly organized, efficient, and honest”

“What strikes me most about Scentfinity is the exceptional customer care. They’re pleasant to deal with, highly organized, efficient, and honest. They constantly stay in touch with the buildings and provide reports based on their site visits. Eli and his team at Scentfinity also make it a priority to understand the budget of each building and work diligently to find the best scenting solution based on the budget we provide.

Hospitality in our nursing home facilities is important to us. The scent creates a hotel-like atmosphere and lifts the moods of residents, families and staff. Scentfinity services our scent systems in a highly professional manner, ensuring there is always oil and the machines are working properly. They follow up to ensure the scent is at the perfect level for each building. Their reasonable pricing coupled with their customer service makes it especially worthwhile." 

— Ben Blumenkrantz
Director of Construction Management and Development
CareRite Centers

Our unwavering values

Surpass expectations

We constantly overdeliver and accommodate every request. We invest time, energy, and resources to discover new solutions and address each customer’s unique needs. 

Cultivate connections

We foster an ongoing relationship to ensure your long-term success. We connect with members of your team to uncover any possible issues and ensure each system is performing optimally.


We strive to earn your trust every day. Our solutions give you the most value for your dollar and the highest ROI. Our remarkable efficiency and top-quality oils ensure a superior operation. 

Let us delight you with a smooth scenting experience.