A scent story
that’s uniquely yours

Create the ambiance of your dreams with a premium fragrance and state-of-the-art scent system.

Scent your business

Craft the ultimate customer experience and strengthen your brand identity with scent. Focus on what you do best while Scentfinity maintains your scent system to perfection.

Your scent. Our responsibility.

Scent your home

Transform your home into a luxurious retreat. Choose from a variety of inviting scents and relax in a dreamy ambiance — all day, every day.

Your home. Your oasis.

A scent above the rest


Our machines employ cold air diffusion, breaking the oil into a micro-mist for a residue-free, balanced scent distribution throughout your space. Enjoy consistent scenting that doesn’t lose its potency over time.


Our variety of unique, top-quality fragrances range from fruity to fresh, woody to floral, and everything in between. Each scent is IFRA-approved and meets the most stringent safety standards.

customer care

Our exceptional customer service has earned the accolades of satisfied clients nationwide, across every business sector. We go above and beyond, taking complete responsibility for your business’s scent system.

Crafting scent experiences  since 2018

A space scented by Scentfinity is highly distinguishable. Many customers who experience our scenting in commercial spaces reach out, wishing to recreate that beautiful atmosphere at home. 

We’re passionate about helping you harness the emotive power of scent. Whether you want to create a pleasant ambiance or neutralize an odor, we’ll match your space with the perfect scent system.

“Our store has been transformed  by the scent system from Scentfinity.

It literally adds so much to our brand! Customers love the way our store smells, and enjoy the special and unique shopping experience. The team at Scentfinity was so helpful when it came to choosing the perfect scent, and they maintain our system with such personal service.”

— Y. Elbaz

Elevate your space with the soft power of scent.