Your space.
Your scent.
Your success.

75% of our emotions are evoked by scent, giving it a unique power to shape your brand, evoke a mood, and influence buyer decisions. It’s a subtle yet powerful tool — and Scentfinity is here to help you leverage it.

Does this sound like you?


You would love to upgrade the ambiance in your space. You want to elicit an emotion, add an element of attraction, or influence buyer decisions. Maybe you need to neutralize an odor.


While you’d love to scent your space, your plate is full and you don’t have the time or bandwidth to constantly monitor and maintain your scent system. You wish someone could shoulder the responsibility for you.


But you don’t want just anyone. You value a meticulous, efficient provider who can provide precise data on your scenting system. You want to ensure you’re getting high-quality scents for a superior client experience.

Scentfinity’s on it.

We’re here to streamline your scenting so you can enjoy the benefits of a beautifully scented space — without the burden.

Flexible solutions

We’re willing to go any length to meet your specific needs. From customizing your scent solution to matching you with your unique signature scent*, we’re eager to accommodate every request.

*available for large portfolios

State-of-the-art systems

Our machines use cold air diffusion, diffusing the oil as a dry micro-mist for a residue-free, balanced scent distribution. You can easily adjust scent level and on/off times. The machines diffuse a lasting scent that doesn’t lose its potency over time.

Premium fragrances

We boast an array of high-end fragrances. Our IFRA-approved oils are 100% safe for any environment. Our scent treatments simultaneously neutralize odors while diffusing a pleasant scent.

Efficient maintenance

We provide ongoing support and maintenance of your system. Our scent specialists are uniquely qualified to address your scenting needs. We work with your team to ensure each system is performing at its best.

You’re free to focus on what you do best.
Your scent system is in good hands.

Not just a subscription. An experience.


your scent

We dig deep into your business’s core attributes and goals to match you with the scent that perfectly encapsulates your identity. We also craft custom signature scents for large portfolios.


your machine

We analyze the specs of your space to determine which machine and setup is best suited to your needs. You receive expert installation of a cutting-edge scent system.


Service yourscent system

We take complete responsibility for your scent system — providing refills and efficient maintenance. You can relax knowing your scent system is in the best hands.

3 setup options
1 team of experienced specialists

Your setup will depend on the square footage, ceiling height, and corresponding HVAC setup of the targeted space. Our team of scent specialists will conduct a smooth and efficient installation of your scent system.




The service you’ll rave about

What sets Scentfinity apart is our signature service. We surpass expectations with our flexible and accommodating approach — from sourcing unique scents to providing clients with specialists suited to their specific needs. At Scentfinity, it’s not about the sale — it’s about your long-term success with the scent system. You’ll find a responsive and reliable partner who is dedicated to maintaining your system and deftly addressing any issues.

Experience the Scentfinity difference.

“Accommodating, efficient, and on top of every last detail”

“I used a different scent company in the past and wasn’t happy. They used cartridges instead of oils and I needed to change the product a couple of times a month. It only lasted a few weeks before the scent ran out. It was a lot of work for me.

I’ve been very happy with Scentfinity. The scent lasts, covers more square footage, and effectively reinforces the clean environment we strive to maintain and project. We get a lot of compliments on it from residents, family, and staff.

Scentfinity is accommodating, efficient, and on top of every last detail. The refills are timely, and they always keep me updated and stay in touch. If we have a problem, they troubleshoot for me and come down in person when necessary. Both the product and customer service are excellent. I couldn’t have asked for a better company.”

—Todd Trotter, Director of Building Services, Avantara Park Ridge

Create an experience your customers will never forget.