Play up the gaming experience


Create an immersive atmosphere for guests with Scentfinity. Experience superior scent solutions and meticulous maintenance.

A subtle yet powerful marketing strategy

The sense of smell is tied to the limbic system, the part of  the brain associated with memory and emotions. This gives it a unique power to influence us.

Scentfinity uses the dynamics of Aromachology to match your casino with the scent that embodies your identity and induces desired reactions.

What can ambient scenting do for your casino?

Create brand

Turn guests into gaming patrons. Create a deeper connection, foster loyalty, and imprint your brand on their minds using the strongest of the senses — smell.

Promote a relaxing atmosphere

Put gamblers into a good mood and promote feelings of comfort and relaxation.

dwell time

Create an immersive and exciting atmosphere that draws in guests, keeps them alert, and encourages them to stay longer.


Keep your guests feeding the slots for longer, resulting in greater casino revenue.

Enhance employee performance

Create a pleasurable environment that makes your staff enjoy coming to work and helps them build a better rapport with guests.


Diffuse a fresh and pleasant scent while neutralizing odors – not just masking them.

A study published in the Psychology and Marketing journal by Dr Alan R. Hirsch discovered that the impact of fragrances had the ability to increase gaming revenue by 45%.

Your scent. Our focus.

What sets Scentfinity apart is our exceptional customer care. While most scent providers focus on the initial sale, Scentfinity ensures your long-term success by monitoring your scent system usage.

  • Efficient refills and maintenance
  • Targeted scent specialists
  • Responsive and accommodating team

“Our store has been transformed by the scent system from Scentfinity.”

“It literally adds so much to our brand! Customers love the way our store smells, and enjoy the special and unique shopping experience. The team at Scentfinity was so helpful when it came to choosing the perfect scent, and they maintain our system with such personal service.”

— Y. Elbaz

Enjoy the sweet smell of success with Scentfinity