Create the space they’ll love to call home


Differentiate your apartment complex with a luxurious ambiance. Experience Scentfinity’s superior scent solutions and meticulous maintenance.

A subtle yet powerful marketing strategy

The sense of smell is tied to the limbic system — the part of the brain associated with memory and emotions. This gives scent a unique power to influence us on a deeper level.

Scentfinity uses the dynamics of Aromachology to match your apartment complex with the scent that will help you get the results you want.


Increase appeal

Convert more prospects into tenants with an attractive and pleasant ambiance.

Increase perceived value

Exude an upscale, luxurious vibe and increase the perceived rental value of the apartments.

Stand out 

Make your space memorable to potential tenants in the crowded real estate scene.

Create an inviting atmosphere

Evoke a warm and welcoming feel from the moment they walk into your lobby.

Improve tenant satisfaction

Promote a positive mood, foster feelings of calmness, decrease stress, and get better reviews. 

Neutralize odors

Tackle odors such as mildew, smoke, and cooking smells. A scent treatment gives a fresh and pleasant scent while neutralizing the odor – not just masking it.

In a study by Open Home, the perceived value of a home increased by $100,000 when scent was introduced.

Your scent. Our focus.

What sets Scentfinity apart is our exceptional customer care. While most scent providers focus on the initial sale, Scentfinity ensures your long-term success by monitoring your scent system usage.

  • Efficient refills and maintenance
  • Targeted scent specialists
  • Responsive and accommodating team

“I just toured with a couple who will be moving into OCP. They said one of their favorite parts of the building was the delicious, fresh smell throughout the building. Thank you! ”


Enjoy the sweet smell of success with Scentfinity