Why scent improves productivity in the workplace.

Scent makes a difference to employees, too!

Companies throughout the world spend billions on lighting, decor, and other interior accessories in order to create a welcoming environment for employees. These business owners understand the importance of creating an appealing work space because it encourages creativity and promote productivity. They carefully select colors, textures, and special music that positively affect the senses of sight, hearing, and touch.  Some have taken this to the next level by appealing to the one sense that is emotionally interwoven with our memory: scent.

So many studies have proven the powerful ties that aromas have to memory recollection.

There are certain scents and smells that illicit a positive reaction due to the commonality of scent association for certain aromas. Think of freshly baked goods, outdoor plants, or an ocean breeze. Citrus scents and other floral tones tend to spark a positive, rejuvenated attitude, which take us back to vacation destinations.

Your employees will be coming back with a somewhat cautious approach. Many have strictly adhered to all the safety precautions brought on by COVID-19 and are skeptical of the safety of the workplaces to which they’re returning. Others may have ignored or doubted the seriousness of the pandemic and are worried about having to suddenly adhere to new protocols. We all know that change can be considered a disruptive and unwelcome intruder, especially at times such as these.

The right scent can be the perfect way to reconnect an employee with a familiar and safe environment in the midst of change.

In fact, one of our technicians was speaking with a friend. His friend mentioned how he couldn’t wait to get back to work. It so happened that Scentfinity provided scent defusing for this particular business. The technician asked him why he was so eager to get back to work. One of the main reasons he gave was ‘the way it smells there…it’s fantastic!”

Studies have proven that an appealing aroma can improve the mood of a workforce by up to 40%.

Research by the Meikai University’s School of Dentistry in Japan noted that certain scents decreased the production of stress-inducing hormones.

When a pleasing aroma is introduced, creativity and problem solving increases. Improved performance is a typical benefit of scent marketing. The fresh, appealing scent also portrays a clean, healthy environment.

Scent marketing affects your employees just as powerfully as it does your customers. Scentfinity provides a host of scents and scent diffusing equipment designed to maximize the efficiency and productivity of your employees, while helping to create a positive emotional tie between employee and their workspaces. Create a place your employees will love coming to with scent marketing by Scentfinity. Call us at 732.795.6300 or by emailing us at info@scentfinity.com.

scentfinity sense
volume 7
September 2020