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Scent Marketing by scentfinity

It all started nearly a decade ago with the birth of a company called Phonamations. I knew from personal experience that  customers seldom give businesses a second chance when their first experience is miserable.   A phone call is often the first customer-to-business interaction, and I learned that a bad experience on hold usually ends the relationship before it truly begins.   

Phonamations offered a product  designed to enhance the customers on hold experience and it worked.  I was excited by our rapid growth and the positive feedback we received from customer after customer.  By  greatly improving the on hold environment, callers formed a more favorable attitude towards the company they called.  As a result, those callers became customers and our clients were happy. In fact, they were so happy, they wanted to know what could be done to keep the momentum going once the callers became visitors.  This search for the most powerful branding tool available led us to scent marketing.

I learned that of all our senses, the sense of smell is the most powerful memory trigger.  Different aromas take us back to specific memories we cherish.  It’s part of our DNA, a biological phenomena that enables us to distinguish approximately 10,000 different smells.  Unlike the things we see or hear, what we smell takes a direct route to our most primitive brain center known as the limbic system.  The limbic system defines how you perceive and physiologically react to an event or happening.  Bottom line: smell is the most powerful sense when it comes to creating a memory. Once I truly understood the power of scent marketing through ambient scenting, I founded scentfinity.

Scent marketing is the art of branding your company by creating a positive memory through smell.  By using the right fragrance, you calm anxious patients in a dentist’ waiting room, establish an environment of relaxation at your hotel and stir energy and excitement that leads to impulse purchases at your retail location.  Your ambient scent becomes the memory your clients cherish, branding your products and/or services in their minds.  That’s why companies like Cinnabon, Abercrombie & Fitch and Starbucks have been using scent marketing for years.

scentfinity has made effective scent marketing affordable, using state-of-the-art aroma diffusers and the world’s safest fragrances to enhance the experience of your customers, patients or guests.  Creating that memorable experience is the key to success and nothing is more effective than scent marketing.  We invite you to discover the amazing power of scent marketing for yourself. You can call scentfinity at 732.795.6300 or contact us by email at

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May 2019