The arrival of a new year is an exciting occurrence for so many. If you consider it strictly from a logical point of view, it’s simply one day passing into another. This happens 365 times a year, every year.  So why is there such an emotional attachment to this one single chronological transition?

It’s more than the acknowledgement of passing time. Each day, week and month reminds us that the clock keeps ticking. Our delight is in welcoming something absolutely new and unique. Ushering in a new year is a one time event that occurs every 12 months. BUT…while there will be many, many Mondays and many, many Januarys, there is only one 2020, just as there was only one 2019. There will be only one 2021.

It is the different, the unique that dazzles and captivates us.  A new year represents new opportunities, fresh starts and exciting possibilities. We can breathe in the potential, smell the new fragrance the future brings and revel in it all.

Creating an experience that’s pleasantly different and enticingly unique is what experience marketing is all about…and it’s the secret behind the power of scent marketing. When your business is recognized for its delightful scent, you become more than just another boutique, one more bank or hotel or care facility. Suddenly you become different, recognizable and memorably comfortable. Creating a memory…that’s the powerful process that brings customers back. Scent marketing is designed specifically to create a memory that your clientele simply cannot forget…a cherished memory. Businesses around the world are learning how smell is the most powerful sense for creating these memories, and they’re applying the science of scent to their marketing with amazing results.

scentfinity is making businesses memorable in the minds of their customers. We create a new and exciting experience through scent marketing. With the right fragrance, you become more than another business. You become comfortable, familiar and meaningful in the minds of your customers. Scent creates the most powerful memory tie there is. That means you are literally ‘branded’ to your client. Through the power of scent marketing, your business becomes a proprietary memory in their minds…an exclusive imprint that cannot be shared nor occupied by anything else. It’s the memory that your customers want to relive over and over again.

scentfinity is transforming the experiential relationship between customers and the businesses they visit. Hotels, boutiques, retail outlets, medical facilities, long-term care centers and many, many other locations have partnered with scentfinity to meet and exceed customer expectations. Scent marketing has raised these expectations. Savvy clientele want every visit to every business to be an exceptional, memorable experience.  Scent marketing is now a highly regarded and proven method of giving your customer exactly what they want. scentfinity excels at helping you create the ultimate customer experience.

Just like the new year, your business can represent something new and exciting.  With signature scents and cutting edge aroma diffusers, scentfinity uses the world’s safest and most desirable scents to captivate and connect with your customers, creating a carefully balanced aroma that fits the personality of your business. Discover the power of scent marketing in 2020 by calling scentfinity at 732.795.6300 or by emailing us at

scentfinity sense
volume 2
January 2020