It’s amazing how much importance we place on vacations. We rearrange our schedules, shop online for destinations, make reservations, and virtually change the way we live for 1-2 weeks every year. We have an entire industry dedicated to vacation planning.

According to the US Travel Association, the average family of four will spend $4,580 on their annual vacation. That includes our purchase of souvenirs. CNN Travel reports that we spent $2.83 billion on souvenirs in 2013 alone. It’s been said that things end but memories last forever. Obviously, we spend a lot of money trying to capture those memories. We take pictures, record videos, and buy souvenirs so we can keep those vacation moments with us forever. But…there’s a much more effective way to keep that vacation vibe alive and well long after your vacation ends. How do we make that happen?

It’s important to remember that smell can trigger vivid memories almost instantaneously. Unlike sight and sound signals, smell takes a direct route to our most primitive brain centers, influencing emotions and memories. When memories are triggered, they can have an incredibly powerful effect. When positive memories are recalled, they can alter our mood, stimulate dopamine production, and contribute to our emotional health. Our olfactory system is located in the same part of the brain that affects memory and emotions, so it’s no surprise that smell is a powerful emotional trigger.

          Making it permanent…

Here’s a story that exemplifies the power of scent. An administrator of a nursing home was talking with one of the Scentfinity consultants about our scent marketing system. As the conversation progressed, we provided some scent samples. The administrator sampled the scents and closed his eyes, seemingly lost in memory. He abruptly opened his eyes and shared how he vacations in Miami every winter and absolutely loved the fragrance of the hotel where he stays. That scent is forever branded as the way vacation smells in his memory. Today, his lobby smells like his vacation hotel in Miami Beach, Florida, so every day he revisits his vacation.

This is just one of many requests we receive to make a familiar scent a part of our client’s everyday lives. That relaxed, tranquil resort feeling is a delightful memory they want to experience over and over again. With Home Scenting, Scentfinity makes it possible. Our diverse selection of fragrance oils captures and replicate a wide variety of scents that bring all the wonderful memories of vacation to your home.

The same science that applies with commercial scent marketing is equally true in residential applications. One of our favorite things to do is bring a scent to a client’s home that enables them to relive their favorite vacation. The transformation of our customers is almost instantaneous. The eyes close, they inhale deeply, and their faces erupt in a relaxed smile. They picture the beach, or the mountains, or the spectacular sunsets they experienced during their respite.  Then the realization hits that this memory is now a daily reality. The wonderful fragrance they associate with their vacation is now in their home!

Our diffuser oils are available in so many different aromas it’s easy to capture that smell that takes you to your favorite resort hotel, mountain cabin, or beach cabana. Scentfinity technicians are available to install diffusing equipment in homes throughout New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Maryland. Learn how you can relive your vacation everyday by visiting us online at

scentfinity sense
volume 6
June 2020