Some claim that COVID-19 is no more dangerous than any other common influenza virus, while others believe that it is far more threatening. There are a variety of medical opinions, plenty of op-ed pieces and enough finger-pointing and political positioning to keep the media machine fed for months and months. Let’s hope this particular media feeding frenzy doesn’t last much longer and that the fear and uncertainty will, along with the Corona Virus, quickly disappear.

We’ve been introduced to new words and phrases that have never been part of our lexicon. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention, and she’s been busy teaching us this new and necessary vocabulary. We’re practicing social distancing now. Before the pandemic, how often did you use the word ‘streaming’ in casual conversation? For many, Zoom was either an old ’70’s children’s show or the sound of a speeding car before this social ‘fast’ had us all running to our computers to give ‘e-hugs’ to family and friends. The term that has many businesses sitting on the sidelines is the topic of this month’s blog entry.

Have you been told your business is non-essential? It’s a little disconcerting, isn’t it? It’s inarguable that from strictly a medical standpoint, most businesses would be considered non-essential right now. No one would argue that. But many of these so-called non-essential businesses have decided to rise above this temporary label in some pretty amazing ways. For instance:

  • Microsoft is continuing to pay the hourly workers who support their campus.
  • &Pizza is providing free, unlimited pizzas to its employees and their immediate families…and they’re doing the same for hospital workers who show identification.
  • Apple is now offering its retail staff unlimited sick paid sick leave to anyone experiencing corona virus symptoms.
  • Disney has closed its parks and cruises in response to the pandemic…and they’ve promised to continue to pay their employees during the closure.

These are just a few examples. Many companies have huge, deep pockets and their gestures are equally huge. But many small businesses are doing amazingly thoughtful things, like grocery shopping for the elderly or running errands for those who are immunosuppressed. These little gestures make a GIANT difference in the lives of so many right now.

Your business is essential right now. Together, we can make life a little easier because acts of kindness can never be classified as non-essential.

scentfinity sense
volume 5
April 2020