Pictures #1 & #2 below tell particular stories and those stories are based on individual personal experience. In other words, it’s YOUR memory that determines which tale the photograph tells. For one person, the picture with the popcorn stirs childhood memories of watching a wonderful movie years ago. For another, it’s a parent’s own own child experiencing the magic of a movie theatre for the very first time. Whether its children at the cinema or a scoop of coffee beans, each image conjures a memory of a particular experience based on what we see.  And each story can be incredibly different and unique.


Of course, you know we’re heading to a tie-in with scent marketing, right?  scentfinity never wants to disappoint, so here it is. Imagine the aroma represented in each picture.  While the image can evoke an almost endless variety of memories, the smell of movie popcorn or roasted coffee beans is incredibly similar from person to person. Although the aroma tickles a different experience locked in our memories, the actual aroma is always and forever the same. Whether the popcorn is at the theatre, a carnival or a circus, the smell never changes.  When you looked at the picture, you immediately knew & remembered what popcorn smells like. Welcome to scent marketing.

Scent marketing taps into a part of our conscience that will always associate certain aromas with certain memories. So…how do you choose the right scent? It starts with a very important question.

                        What story do you want to tell?

Popcorn should always smell like popcorn, coffee should always smell like coffee and…well, you get the idea. As ridiculously simple as this sounds, the concept is often lost when it comes to choosing the ‘right fragrance in scent branding. We know what a coffee shop should smell like, what popcorn should smell like. That’s a natural scent brand, and that’s simple. Most stores don’t come with a ‘built-in’ scent memory, so you get to create one!  The professionals at scentfinity have the training and experience necessary to help you choose the perfect scent for your scent marketing program.

Consider the color and decor of your business.  Studies have found that consumers relate certain scents with specific colors. Warmer colors (think red, yellow and orange) remind us of the sun and fires. Cooler colors, such as blue, green and purple, or violet, remind us of the water and grass. By choosing scents that emphasis the color definition and decor of your business, we create a powerful scent brand that becomes a part of your customer’s most powerful memories.

scentfinity takes into consideration the interior of your business as well as the overall environment of your facility. scentfinity has found that aligning the fragrance of a hotel with its location is an excellent way to create brand definition through scent marketing. Is it an energetic vibe or a ‘kick off your shoes’ relaxed kind of feeling you want to portray? With the right fragrance, your scent brand identifies you with your location, thus branding you as the place to stay when visiting your city. When clients decide which hotel to book when visiting a vibrant metropolis or a quaint ocean-side resort, the scent that captures the essence of your location could very well be the memory that keeps them coming back to you.

Healthcare facilities work towards creating a relaxing, comforting environment. More subdued fragrances achieve this desired effect. Certain scents are powerful in relieving anxiety and stress. Energy-infused scents create a sensory ‘boost’ that’s perfect for gyms and health clubs. Our professionals will share which scents are most effective for creating the scent brand you want.

Whether you have a retail store, vibrant nightclub, seaside getaway or bank or nursing home, a smart scent marketing solution puts you head and shoulders above your competition. scentfinity can help you select the absolute best fragrance for your particular scent marketing need…and our advanced scent diffusing technology ensures perfect disbursement that’s never too much or too little. Let us help you select the perfect scent by calling scentfinity at 732.795.6300 or by emailing us at

scentfinity sense
volume 3
February 2020