Why scent is the best gift to give 2020.

Can I share something with you? It’s time to change gift-giving. I’m speaking on behalf of all men everywhere and, based on the many conversations I’ve had with them, I feel safe in making this statement. They’re ready for something different. I know, I know: we always seem to love the cheap cologne, we tell you how wonderful the neckties are, how much we needed that new wallet. Here’s the truth: we’re just being nice. And everything I hear from women throughout the business world tells me that pretending to like boring gifts is just as prevalent among women as men. A new vacuum cleaner, treadmill, or pair of slippers isn’t getting the job done, gentlemen.   They’re ready for something different.

A gift they’ll never forget…

Clothes go out of fashion, flowers and chocolates don’t last long, so why not give a gift that they’ll treasure for years to come? Scentfinity provides the very best in premier ambient scenting products and services that transform home and business environments. That’s not just an opinion…it’s scientific fact. Smell is the most powerful scent we have for triggering memories. Imagine recreating a memory from your parent’s favorite vacation they can relive every day.  With the right scent, you bring treasured memories to life.

Spread holiday cheer throughout the year…

            The smell of fresh-baked cookies, holiday bread, roasted meats: it’s all part of the joy of the holiday season. Cinnamon, apple cider, pine, peppermint: these are the aromas that unveil beautiful holiday memories of our childhoods. These are the aromas that become traditions we cherish…and these are the memories you can give to the people you love with scents from Scentfinity. Combined with our state-of-the-art scent diffusing systems, these wonderful smells spread cheer throughout the year.

Affordable, memorable, unique…

            Ambient Scent Diffusing is an affordable gift that can literally change someone’s life. When you can help someone revisit their most treasured memories…that’s a gift worth giving. This is one of those gifts people brag about receiving. It’s as unique as the relationship you share with them, as special as the memories it conjures. Ambient scent diffusing systems can create a peaceful, relaxing environment…and it’s one of the most lasting and thoughtful gifts you’ll ever give. Want to make someone’s holiday season especially wonderful? We’ll be happy to help you select the perfect scent and diffusing system gift. Contact the professionals at Scentfinity. Call 732.795.6300 or email us at info@scentfinity.com.

scentfinity sense
volume 8
November 2020