COVID-19 has put a financial strain on businesses throughout the nation and around the world. Slowly but surely, surely, we are moving towards some degree of normal activity, and it won’t be long until it’s business as usual. However, many believe ‘business as usual’ has been changed, and adapting could be the difference between smooth sailing and rough waters.

The pandemic has altered our social dynamic in a way that no generation has experienced since the ‘Silent Generation’ (1925-1945). There is a new level of social consciousness that permeates our activities, especially in the U.S. Social distancing, wearing masks, increased use of disinfectants and hand sanitizers: it’s all part of our ‘new normal’. Businesses that have evolved will have more appeal to health-conscious consumers. Knowing that your business is providing safety measures that offer additional protection goes a long way towards gaining and retaining consumer confidence.   Since scent is the single most powerful sense when it comes to memory, more and more businesses are striving to achieve a smell that’s ‘clean’ and/or ‘fresh’. We know and identify quickly with a clean smell, but it can truly be a matter of perception and preference. Some would identify the smell of strong household cleaners such as bleach with clean. The natural aroma of ozone after a thunderstorm is another popular scent often used to describe clean. However, these relative scents are tied to memories. That’s why some individuals consider a host of fragrances when recalling a clean and fresh environment. Cedar, fresh flowers, a pine forest: all of these are used to describe a clean smell.

When businesses open, there will likely be an influx of new customers: individuals who have been cooped up too long and are eager to socially reengage. When they choose what to do and where to go during their leisure time after such a stringent period of regulatory restraint, ensuring that they’re visiting a clean and healthy establishment will no doubt be their number one consideration. You can create an atmosphere that touches deep-seated memories of cleanliness and freshness…and Scentfinity does it simply, effectively, and affordably.

Our professional diffusing equipment is designed to provide the perfect amount of scenting: never too little or too much. With a variety of diffusing options, Scentfinity can accommodate every business size as well as homes. And choosing the perfect aroma has never been easier!  Imagine delighting your clients with the scent of Tropical Rains, our refreshing, rejuvenating blend of citrus and floral mid notes and base notes of cleansing ozone. Perhaps the natural, spicy herbal aroma of sage and earthy cedarwood with a kiss of vanilla found in our Woodland Sage scent is what you need. With a variety of fragrance options, Scentfinity can provide that peace of mind through smell that your customers will appreciate.

Branding with scent is the most powerful way to emotionally tie your customers to your business. Scentfinity makes your brand an indelible imprint your clients can’t forget. The refreshing fragrance you provide for your visitors reaffirms your commitment to cleanliness in their minds and creates an emotional tie that your competition can’t break. Create the perfect healthy, relaxing ambiance with scent marketing by Scentfinity. Call us at 732.795.6300 or by emailing us at

scentfinity sense
volume 7
July 2020